Mini Storage Owners

Why use our Mini Storage Calculator on your site?

  • Choose Your Own Storage Unit Sizes
    After purchasing your Mini Storage Calculator, you will be given your own admin panel where you can choose the actual storage unit sizes you have at your facility. All functionality of the calculator will work around your own sizes.
  • Save Time and Money
    It’s a known fact that countless hours and dollars are wasted every month listening to customers tell you items in their home seeking your advice on what size storage unit they need. Eliminate this with your own Mini Storage Calculator.
  • Get an Edge on your Competition
    Having your own Mini Storage Calculator provides you with a unique offering to your customers that your competitors do not have.
  • Keep Your Customers on Your Site
    Our calculator embeds directly into your website so when your customer clicks on it the calculator floats over your site for your customers to use. When they are done and close the calculator, they are still on your website and ready to order!
  • Customizable Colors
    Customize the colors of your calculator in any way you like. This allows your website to remain consistent in it’s look.
  • Customizable Rooms and Items
    Not satisfied with the rooms and items on Not only will your own admin panel allow you to customize your unit sizes and colors, but you will be able to customize the rooms and items of the calculator to your liking.