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Storage Units

Chose Your Sizes

Choose the actual storage unit sizes you have at your facility. All functionality of the calculator will work around your own sizes.

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Having your own Mini Storage Calculator provides you with a unique offering to your customers that your competitors do not have.

Pick Your Own Colors For A Storage Calculator

Customizable Colors

Customize the colors of your calculator in any way you like. This allows your website to remain consistent in it’s look.

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Easily let your customers figure out how much storage they need by inputting their items into the Mini Storage Calculator.

Storage Calculator For Your Website

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Having your own Mini Storage Calculator provides you with a unique offering to your customers that your competitors do not have.

Self Storage Room Calculator

Customizable Rooms and Items

Customize the rooms and items of the calculator to your liking.

About Mini Storage Calculator

Finally and easy way to add a Storage Calculator to your website

Mini Storage Calculator was created to meet a need for both customers and Mini Storage owners.

As a customer, there is nothing more important than finding out how much space you need when looking at a self storage unit. It is the first step in the storage process.

There are so many different self-storage options available today. How do you know what you need? Our Self Storage Calculator allows you to enter exactly what you are looking to store and our system will tell you what size unit you need. It can display several different self-storage unit sizes. We even allow for multiple self storage units. Our storage calculator will give you reliable estimate of exactly how much storage space you will need.

For Mini Storage owners, our system allows you to place a Storage Calculator on your very own site. You can customize the storage calculator with your own sizes – like 5×10, 5×15 or even 10×30. You can also customize the colors of the self storage calculator to match your very own website. And the best part? Our Mini Storage Calculator is affordable and there are no long term contracts. As we keep adding new features to the calculator, you will get all of the updates for no cost. So head over to our contact us page and give us a call to get started today.

Our services works on any website in any format from WordPress to a static HTML page. It is a simple embed of a couple of lines of code that we can do for you or your webmaster can do. It is up to you. Our solution scales to fit all of you needs.

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